We are a company born in the year 2012 of the initiative of a young couple with a special taste for art and love for our country, one of our great commitments and satisfaction is to bet on the talent of Peruvian artisans and to give work to women who s On sustenance of your home, enterprising women, young mothers. Alpaca Kapchiy is in charge of making the best of them by means of art in felting which is translated into quality products.


Offer quality in products made with alpaca fiber with continuous innovation, being the most important respect and commitment to our collaborators, to whom we provide an optimal work environment and opportunities for constant development; We also highlight our policy of responsibility towards our community and our environment.


Being export leaders and positioning ourselves internationally with recognition for our quality and innovation. We satisfy the expectations of our customers and efficiently improve the quality of life of our employees and our community.

We want to transmit with our handmade products a message of optimism,
love and  happiness for everyone.

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