We are Kapchy, a Peruvian company created by people who have come together in love to create unique pieces made with a single important tool: our hands.
All our pieces are unique, special and full of history, as they are created with the hands of working women, willing to get ahead with their families and create a community of artisans that are known and valued throughout the world.

Our mission: Let the world know the real value of the work by hand of Peruvian women, the delicacy and effort that there is in this art. Peruvian culture in its artisanal origins. And the immense value of alpaca fiber, which is our main raw material to create our products.

Our Certifications

We are happy to announce to our dedicated team and hard work, our company has obtained the Fair Trade Certification.

The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism, PROMPERÚ, granted us the license to use the prestigious Alpaca del Perú trademark. This official recognition validates our commitment and dedication, supporting the exceptional quality of our products and reaffirming our link with the traditions and excellence that the Peruvian alpaca represents.


What We Stand For


All our products are handmade and go through an exclusive and very detailed quality control. We believe in the perfection of our work.

Happy Living

 Happy is a lifestyle for us. It’s how we work, how we live with our families, and how we serve our customers.


 From how we get our raw material to our production process, we’re making sure we’re good stewards of this planet earth that we all share.


Our family is everything and our hardworking team is an extension of our family.


Projects in work

Design and use a Kardex system for a better development of internal operational activities.

Increase the percentage of retail sales in online distribution channels.

Coming Projects 2023 – 2025

Implement a Weaving Workshop to maintain good practices and provide greater growth opportunities for our production area collaborators.

Creation of a new Alpaca Kapchy Product Line to diversify and capture greater market opportunities.

Cost estructure

For us, it is important to be transparent with the information that we give our clients and that they
know that we seek to work in the best way, so that our workers, suppliers, and clients always feel
comfortable with us.

Labor Cost

35.7 +/- 14%

Operative Cost

13.9 +/- 5%

Raw Material

13.7 +/- 11%

Total utility

36.7 +/- 14%

Our Alpacas made a special Photoshoot just for you!

Take a look and download the Wallpapers here.

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