We know the effect our products can have on the people who receive this as a gift. That’s why we created our “Promotion World” service for companies. Here we seek to be a strategic partner and together create a product that gives added value to your brand. Giving your best or potential clients one of our products with your logo and identity will be the last step to create strong and lasting bonds with your own clients.
This service includes:

  • Personalized product design with your own logo
  • Special packaging

If you are not sure what to do, our creative team will not hesitate to give you ideas. Together we will make your brand really special.


We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to buy our product and learn about our history. We have complete confidence that through distributors we will achieve this goal, that is why we have created our VIP service for wholesalers and retailers where we offer multiple benefits such as:

  • Special prices for certain quantities
  • The possibility of using your own brand
  • Support with additional marketing material
  • You will find out first about our news and new collections

Let’s work together on this mission of spreading this beautiful product around the world.


Creativity is infinite and we do not hesitate to share it with all those who have wonderful ideas with our products. If you are a designer, creative or have a brand and you are looking for our product to be made with your own colors or ideas, we are here to listen to you and create new possibilities together.


Our services are adapted to the needs of our customers, in this way our artisans are able to perform their art in both hand knitting and machine knitting, always maintaining the quality of the design and the use of baby alpaca or the material of the customer’s preference.

Our Alpacas made a special Photoshoot just for you!

Take a look and download the Wallpapers here.

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