Weaving Dreams: Martha Journey at Alpaca Kapchy

Since the age of 8, Martha discovered her love for craftsmanship and weaving in her hometown of Puno. Over time, she has honed her technique and skills, perfecting each stitch with dedication. Originally from Puno but currently residing in Arequipa, she has found a home for her creativity at Alpaca Kapchy.

After the loss of her husband, she found solace in Alpaca Kapchy to express her love for weaving. She began with chullos and, fascinated by felting, she’s now responsible for bringing figures like the Huacaya and Baby Huacaya alpacas to life. With her children now independent, Martha lives with her current partner, and her passion for handcrafted art is her main drive.

Martha’s connection with Alpaca Kapchy goes beyond weaving; she identifies with the values and camaraderie shared with her fellow artisans. Furthermore, her dream of continuing to teach textile art to children and older adults has solidified her legacy as a teacher and advocate for the passion for craftsmanship.




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